Sharmazanov: Decision to join the CU the most significant step of 2013 meeting national interests

Armine Gevogryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Vice-Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, Spokesman for the Republican Party of Armenian Edward Sharmazanov met with reporters today to sum up the results of the passing year. He said the year was productive and full of events. Speaking about the achievements, the Vice-Speaker pointed to a number of shortcomings, such as corruption and migration.

Sharmazanov spoke about two factors that emerged on the political field in 2013. He reminded that the second largest political force did not participate in the presidential elections, while leader of the Heritage Party Raffi Hovhannisyan did not manage to make use of the political capital given to him by the citizens. He didn’t have the willingness to launch dialogue with the authorities and share the responsibility.

Speaking about the decision to join the Customs Union, Sharmazanov said “it was one of the most significant steps of the year, deriving from state interests.”

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