“Armenophobia in Azerbaijan” book presented in Yerevan

Aida Avetisyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The “Armenophobia in Azerbaijan” book by Head of the “Initiative for Prevention of Xenophobia” NGO Armine Adibekyan and PhD in Political Science Anzhela Elibegova was presented to public today. In the course of five years the authors have studied the Azerbaijani websites, the children’s and educational literature. The book has been released with the support of the Department of Public Relations and Mass Media of the Office to the President of the Republic of Armenia.

The authors try to prove that sooner or later peace between the two peoples will be established. “We think it’s unacceptable that pieces of children’s and educational literature present Armenians as monsters, offend Armenians, thus shaping an attitude among the children. Even if a peace treaty is signed by miracle, we’ll face a society filled with deep hatred,” co-author of the book Armine Adibekyan said.

The Azerbaijani propaganda often asserts there are 30 thousand Armenians living in Azerbaijan today, whose rights are not violated. However, one of the chapters of the book titled “Armenians in Baku” provides facts to refute this, Anzhela Elibegova said.

The English edition of the book  is expected to be released next year.

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