Turkish Government allocates$20 mln to build basins on rivers flowing to Ararat Valley

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan participated today in the presentations of the first Armenian Yearbook of International and Comparative Law, the www.karabakhfacts.am information website and the annual conference-discussions dedicated to the legal issues of foreign policy.

Tigran Sargsyan welcomed the implementation of the above-mentioned initiatives of the Center for International and Comparative Law and attached importance to the conduct of studies on different issues from legal point of view.

“This issue is more urgent for us, taking into consideration the challenges our young state faces. It’s not only the Nagorno Karabakh issue that should be solved from the perspective of comparative law, as there are a number of other questions, as well. Among the important issues is the effective use of water resources in light of the fact that a considerable part of these resources comes from the territory of present-day Turkey. The government of that country has made a unilateral decision to allocate $20 mln to build basins on rivers, which have great impact on the water resources of the AraratValley. According to specialists, in a few years we’ll face problems connected with irrigation in the Ararat Valley,” Tigran Sargsyan said.

The Prime Minister said that in this regard there are certain legal bases that allow Armenia to defend its national interests. In particular, it is necessary to reveal international conventions, documents, which will allow to protect our interests in international structures.

“The second issue in the domain of legal research is the construction of a new nuclear power unit, where we should take into consideration the remarks of the neighboring countries before launching the construction works. Serious legal consultation is needed to avoid problems with construction in the future,” Tigran Sargsyan stated.

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