EU suspends Ukraine deal

The EU said Sunday it was suspending work on how to implement an Association Agreement with Ukraine after President Viktor Yanukovych failed to make a clear commitment to signing the deal he ditched late last month, AFP reports.

Brussels had told Ukraine that further discussions required a “clear commitment (to) sign (but) Work on hold, had no answer,” EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele said in a tweeted message.

“Ukraine: Words and deeds of President and government regarding #AssocAgreement further and further apart,” Fuele said. “Their arguments have no grounds in reality,” he added.

Fuele made his comments as at least 200,000 pro-EU demonstrators began another mass rally in Kiev to press Yanukovych to sign the accord.

According to AP, two U.S. senators have joined the protesters in an anti-government demonstration in Ukraine’s capital.

Sens. John McCain and Chris Murphy joined the anti-government demonstration to express support for them and their European ambitions.

McCain told the protesters that their peaceful protests are “inspiring the world.”


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