Protests in Barcelona over death of Armenian citizen

Several organizations defending the rights of migrants and some Armenian groups in Catalonia gathered at the headquarters of the National Police in Barcelona to demand justice and more information in the case of the death of Alik Manukyan, 32, an Armenian citizen, at the Center for Foreigners in Barcelona, ​​located in the Free Zone, Public Radio of Armenia reports, quoting El Diaro.

The event aimed to expose the inconsistency between the official version and the testimonies of witnesses, who were deported to their countries. The two witnesses could have been key to establishing the facts.

“The two people deported are those that were locked in the closest to the isolation cell,” says Montse Fernández of Tanquem els CIE. When they learned of the death, they asked the trial judge to take the necessary precautionary measures not to expel any eyewitnesses. their testimonies could reveal if  screams were really heard in the isolation cell where Manukyan was locked, as some  assured.

According to the official version of the National Police Corps, Manukyan was found hanged by shoelaces on December 3. Some residents declared, however, that the Armenian citizen had a confrontation with the police, at midnight he was taken to an isolation cubicle, where he was screaming and moaning until early morning.

Nearly 200 people gathered outside the headquarters of the police and then marched to the Generalitat in Plaça Sant Jaume to call for justice and to prevent recurrence of deaths. The case is at least the third in the CIE Zona Franca, the protesters demand to close down the Centers for Foreigners and cancel the Aliens Act.

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