Armenian-Russian Inter-Regional Expo launches in Yerevan

Co-Chairs of the Armenian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Armenian and Russian regions.

PM Tigarn Sargsyan welcomed the participants on behalf of the Armenian Government and thanked all parties involved in the organization of the event. “The conduct of forums and exhibitions between the regions of our countries has already become a tradition. These are an important link in the chain of inter-state relations, which complement to the activity of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental Commission and contribute to the implementation of the agreements reached on a high level,” he said.

Noting that about 30 agreements have already been signed with tens of Russian regions, Tigran Sargsyan attached importance to the expansion of the geography of decentralized cooperation and improvement of the legal framework.

“The conduct of the forum and the exhibition should contribute to the establishment of business ties and conclusion of concrete agreements and implementation of joint programs as a result. It should first of all benefit the small and medium-sized enterprises. Armenia is a leader in the region in the Doing Business report and the Russian businessmen should make use of this circumstance,” the Prime minister noted.

According to hi, the membership in the Customs Union, as well as the economic ties with the European Union and the countries of the Middle East will serve as an additional impetus for inviting and starting business in our economy.

Maxim Sokolov noted, in turn, that the participation of nine Russian regions in the exhibition testifies to the effectiveness of the Armenian-Russian decentralized cooperation.

The exhibition held within the framework of the Third Armenian-Russian Inter-Regional Forum features 10 Armenian marzes and 9 Russian regions, as well as private companies. The expo aims to present the achievements, reveal the existing potential and undertake new programs. Nine roundtable discussions on different topics will be organized on the sidelines of the event.

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