Over $22,6 raised at Armenia Fund Telethon

An annual telethon broadcast from Los Angeles late on Thursday and early Friday has raised more than $22.6 million in donations and pledges in favor of a major road project to connect Armenia and Karabakh.

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund will spend the money raised through the traditional Thanksgiving Day event held for the 16th time for the construction of a 116-km Vardenis-Martakert highway, which is of great social and economic importance for the two Armenian republics.

Below is the initial list of pledges: 

Russian Federation_ 12 350 000 US dollar
US Eastern Region_ 2 000 000 US dollar
Phoneathon (including German, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium)_ 1 984 000 US dollar
Armenia_ 1 642 372 US dollar
Switzerland /individual donor/_ 1 250 000 US dollar
Artsakh_ 1 000 000 US dollar
US Western Region_ 1 000 000 US dollar
Argentina_ 700 000 US dollar
Toronto(Canada)_ 225 000 US dollar
Brazil_ 170 000 US dollar
Montreal(Canada)_ 120 000 US dollar
Great Britain_ 100 000 US dollar
Lebanon_ 94 000 US dollar
Iran_ 60 000 US dollar
Austria_ 10 000 US dollar


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