The US commends Armenia’s partnership with NATO

The U.S. Embassy has issued a statement congratulating Armenia on its successful hosting of the November 18 – 22 “NATO Week.” The United States values and supports Armenia’s partnership with NATO.  NATO Week highlighted Armenia’s contributions to international peace operations and launched a joint Armenia-NATO effort designed to foster integrity and reduce corruption in the military.

Armenia is working to become a greater contributor to international peace and security.  Armenia is actively seeking to expand its peacekeeping commitments, both with NATO and the UN, and is negotiating to support missions in Lebanon and Mali. We welcome Armenia’s willingness to contribute to peace operations around the world and are eager to support Armenian contributions to peace operations.

Armenia’s cooperation with NATO has opened up opportunities for joint training and exercises, and for gaining valuable experience serving together with NATO partners in peace operations.  The U.S. government has provided robust support toward the development of Armenia’s peacekeeping brigade and continues to seek opportunities to expand our support.  U.S. and Armenian soldiers are also working side-by-side in Kosovo in support of wider international efforts to build peace and stability in the area.  Armenian peacekeepers tackle a broad range of assignments with distinction and honor.

Armenia is well on its way to developing peacekeeping brigade that is interoperable with its partners and capable to be deployed in support to various peace operations.  Armenia is making great strides towards developing this highly-trained and capable brigade and the Embassy would like to congratulate Armenia on its excellent progress.

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