President Sargsyan visits the Charents Museum of Literature and Arts

President Serzh Sargsyan visited today the E. Charents Museum of Literature and Arts where he observed the new exhibition of the Museum. According to the Director of the Museum Karo Vardanian, the exhibition encompasses the Armenian literature, dramatic and cinema art, and music of the 18-20 centuries, President;s Press Office informs.

The exhibited pieces are related not only to the hundreds of devotees of the Armenian literature and arts but also about educational, scientific and cultural, literary, musical establishments and theater groups, unions and editorial staffs of prominent periodicals which had their imprint on the Armenian reality

After observing the exhibition, the President of Armenia at the Komitas Hall of the Museum awarded Volkmar Gantzhorn (Germany) with the Movses Khorenatsi Medal for his remarkable work in presenting to the world the Armenian carpet weaving craft and promotion of the international recognition of the Armenian carpets. Volkmar Gantzhorn has arrived to Armenia to participate at the presentation of the Armenian translation of his book “The Christian Oriental Carpet: a presentation of its development, iconologically and iconographically, from its beginnings to the 18th century” which is organized in the framework of the “Armenian Knot: Traditions of Carpet Weaving Art” international conference. The Director of Armenia’s Museum of History Anelka Grigorian presented to Serzh Sargsyan and other guests of the exhibition the author of the mentioned above book and his work. She noted that the book of 534 pages which has an encyclopedic value is unprecedented in its demonstration of over a thousand of samples and drawings. Besides being reprinted twice in German language, it has been printed in thousands copies in English, French, and Italian. The inauguration of the Armenian translation is a cultural event; the book is a unique manual of the carpet weaving art, a single invitation to the contemporary and future scientists to bring forward and explain various issues existing in the Armenian history and culture. Anelka Grigorian also quoted the author, Doctor Volkmar Gantzhorn, “The ornamental treasury of the oriental carpets is part of the Armenian identity and should be treated as such.” The German scientist expressed gratitude for such a high award and spoke about the motives behind this significant undertaking.

In the Museum, the President attended also the performance of the Traditional Musical Instruments ensemble.

During the tour of five exhibition halls, the Director of the Museum Karo Vardanian presented works which have been conducted in the Museum and its five branches in recent years through the state assistance, works currently underway, and spoke about permanent exhibitions.

After his visit to the E. Charets Museum of Literature and Arts, President Serzh Sargsyan will conduct a meeting at the Ministry of Culture with its leadership.

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