EU Centre launches EU Alumni Network

The official founding meeting of the EU Alumni Network was held on Saturday, 9 November 2013 at the EU Centre. The EU Alumni Network will unite the previous participants of the European educational programmes in Armenia.

The Deputy Head of Operations of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia Jose Maria Medina Navarro noted that EU Alumni Network aims to use education as a powerful communication channel to help spread information on EU educational programmes. “Real success stories of the graduates of the EU educational programmes will bring about significantly greater interest in the students,” Jose Maria Medina Navarro said.

According to the Coordinator of the National Tempus Office in Armenia Lana Karlova, there is a need to unite different organisations and educational communities to create an environment that will essentially improve integration of Armenian educational system into the European educational area. “It is very important for the newly established network to serve as an effective tool to reinforce efforts of different European educational programmes in Armenia that provide young people with new educational opportunities” Lana Karlova said.

The Coordinator of Armenian Lifelong Learning League Edith Soghomonyan mentioned that EU Alumni Network can become the best platform for increasing public awareness on learning opportunities. “We believe that Lifelong Learning can unite all independent efforts in education and training into a strong system working for personal, professional and civic development of every citizen” Edith Soghomonyan concluded.

Prior to the launch event the representatives of several non-profit organisations and learning communities reached an agreement on establishing the EU Alumni Network. It will foster the involvement of young people in the European educational programmes at different levels in formal education, non-formal and informal learning activities providing them with information, support and guidance.

The EU Centre is the main feature of the EU funded project “Support to the EU communication on reforms in Armenia”. Its goal is to raise awareness on EU development cooperation in Armenia and support education on the European Union. The centre’s website is a gateway to EU cooperation with Armenia. The duration of the project is two years and it is implemented by GOPA-Cartermill S.A in consortium with Altair Asesores and Fainberg LLC.

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