Policе, protesters clash in downtown Yerevan; more than 20 detained

Leader of “Tseghakron” Party Shant Harutyunyan, a maverick opposition activist, and more than 20 of his supporters were detained today after cashes in downtown Yerevan.

After several days of sit-in at the Liberty Square, Shant Harutyunyan decided to organize a march to the presidential palace.

Scuffles ensued as dozens of protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks on the backs of their heads threw large firecrackers at policemen, injuring several.

The Police said in a statement they urged Harutyunyn and his supporters not to disturb the public order and refrain from illegal behavior. Seeking to break the police cordon, the protesters used sticks and set off explosives.

The protest was finally dispersed by police. They managed to clear the Mashtots Avenue and restore the public order.

The Police said they will not tolerate any illegal action and will punish the guilty  with the utmost severity of the law.

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