Armenia looking for new football coach: Talks with several candidates under way

Armenia is looking for a new head coach for the national football team. Chief of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) Ruben Hayrapetyan said today negotiations with several coaches are under way, but refused to reveal the names.  He regrets Vardan Minasyan has decided to quit.

Hayrapetyan said he has tried twice to convince Minasyan to stay with the team and still hopes to persuade the latter. “He is a world class coach, and I’m proud we have such a specialist,” FFA President said.

Vardan Minasyan has advised the Federation to sign a coach from Italy or Spain, as the qualities of our players are similar to those of Spanish and Italian footballers.

The Armenian football chief said he would like Michel Ter-Zakaryan to head the national team, but he refused because of a contract with another team. Hayrapetyan said he does not see any other Armenian coach that could lead the national team.

Speaking about the expectations from the qualification round of Euro-2016, the football boss said the only task is to qualify for the finals.

As for Armenia’s chances to win the bid for holding Euro-2020 matches, Ruben Hayrapetyan said “everything depends on us.” “They’ve given us a 150-page document, which we must study. It also depends on the good will of the UEFA Executive Committee. It’s hard, but we’ll do our best to succeed.”

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