Statue of Jesus Christ, cast in Armenia, erected in Syria

A statue of Jesus Christ has been installed in war-torn Syria. The statue titled “I have come to save the world” rises above the historic pilgrimage route from Constantinople to Jerusalem, on top of the mountain near the Monastery of the Cherubim in the Syrian city of Saidnaya (2,100 meters above sea level), Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

The height of the bronze statue is 39 m together with the plinth, which is taller than the statue of the Christ in  Rio de Janeiro (38 m).

One can see the sculpture from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. The installation coincided with the Orthodox feast day of the Protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and the Muslim feast of Kurban Bayram.

The military actions were stopped in the region during the three days the statue was being installed. The statue was cast in Armenia.

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