President Sargsyan hosts Presidents of Academies of Sciences from different states

President Serzh Sargsyan received today the Presidents of the Academies of Sciences from different states, who have arrived to Armenia to participate in the celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the RA National Academy of Sciences.

The President of Armenia welcomed the renowned scientists to Armenia, expressed gratitude for their participation in the events dedicated to the jubilee of the establishment of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences. Serzh Sargsyan hailed glorious activities of the 70-year old National Academy of Armenia and underscored that for decades our scientists have been bringing their considerable input to the development of science as well as social and economic advancement of Armenia. He expressed hope that scientists of the RA NAS will continue their important work with dedication, every year augmenting their ranks with young scientists without whom, according to the President of Armenia, science doesn’t have prospects for development.

The President conditioned current achievements of the Academy also by the active international cooperation. He said that it would be difficult to imagine development of science corresponding to contemporary demands without such cooperation. The President stressed the importance of cooperation in the bilateral format as well as in the framework of international programs and different organizations. The pan-European Association of the National Science Academies, which unites over forty countries including Armenia, is one of the best examples of such cooperation.

At the meeting, the President of the RA NAS Radik Martirossian expressed gratitude to the President of Armenia for the constant attention of the state, for the assistance and encouragement extended to the scientists, especially the young ones.

Presidents of the Academies present at the meeting conversed with President Sargsyan about the current challenges existing in the area of science, possibilities to address them and the prospects of scientific development. They too stressed the importance of the active cooperation of the Academies, and at the same time highly valued their efficient and years-long cooperation with the Armenian Academy of Sciences. The scientists spoke with admiration about state assistance provided to the RA Academy of Sciences, appreciation of the scientists’ work and efforts aimed at the development of science in Armenia.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Serzh Sargsyan invited the celebrated scientists to participate and honor with their attendance the official ceremony of awarding RA Presidential awards in the area of information technologies for 2013 which was to be held at the Presidential Palace right after the President’s meeting with the scientists and to use the opportunity to communicate with the gifted Armenian schoolchildren and students and tell them the words of encouragement.

The scientists accepted with pleasure the offer of the President to take part in the event.

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