Mass Grave found near Van likely that of the Armenians

Skulls and bones, possibly from the Armenian Genocide, protrude from the soil near a school in the district of Westan in Van, according to a newspaper report.

The pro-Kurdish Ozgur Gundem reported that in the village of Ili in the district of Westan (current name Gevaş), a mass grave believed to be from the Armenian genocide has been unearthed during the construction of the Dağyöre Elementary School last year.

The bones remain there, protruding from the soil, to this day. Villagers say the mass grave is likely that of the Armenians who lived in the village a century ago, the Armenian Weekly reports.

The village, Ili (current name Dağyöre), southwest of Gevaş (Armenian name Vosdan), had 21 Armenian households prior to the Armenian Genocide.

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