Possible to reach solutions through politics and discussions, Adviser to ex-PM Tony Blair says

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Famous British journalist and political analyst Lance Price has arrived in Armenia within the framework of the British Days in Armenia. He met with Armenian journalists today to share his impressions from Armenia and present his stance on a number of issues. Lance Price worked as journalist at the BBC and later became ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Adviser. This is Lance Price’s second visit to Yerevan, earlier he visited Armenia as a tourist.

Among other things the British journalist spoke about Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union. He said he has been trying to understand what this means for Armenia and its future. “Although I have learned a lot about your society, politics and mass media during my stay here, I don’t think I have found the answer to that question,” he said.

According to Lance Price, the arguments underlying the decision, namely security and energy, are important for any country. However, those interested in the expansion of Europe and the propagation of European values, did not see and do not want to understand those arguments, he said.

Lance Price said both the United Kingdom and Armenia are European countries, but there is a great difference with regard to politics and journalism. He said decisions will be hardly made in Britain without wide public discussions.

The British journalist said there is great plurality in the Armenian society, at the same time politics and media are not open enough to present this plurality.

The journalist stressed that Britons are really interested in Armenia, they know Armenia’s history and are aware why the relations with neighbors are complex. “We are confident that it’s possible to reach solutions through politics and discussions,” he concluded.

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