“Armenia” International Airports not to renovate the old building of “Zvartnots” Airport

“Armenia” International Airports will not allocate resources for maintaining the old building of “Zvartnits” Airport and will also not bear any responsibility in case of any accident, the Company said in a statement released today.

“We are willing and ready to continue with the modernization of Zvartnots International Airport but will not spend resources and time in maintaining a hazardous and fallen into disuse building that does not fit with modern aeronautical standards,” the statement reads.

From June 2002, under a 30-year-long concession contract signed between the Armenian Government and Argentine “Corporación América”, Zvartnots International Airport was handed over to “Armenia” International Airports” Closed Joint Stock Company.  From the beginning the Company’s main goal and responsibility has been the security and safety of passengers and flights.

“In accordance with those principles, in 2004 the Armenian government approved our new Master Plan by which a fresh new terminal was to be constructed, complying with anti-seismic technology, with intelligent heat-light control systems, and state of the art devices for passengers’ safety. The new premises were built close to the old building, laid-out in 1982, no longer in use and without appropriate anti-seismic design and regulatory safety lay-out as currently required,” the statement reads.

“In 2007 we launched the first terminal; in 2011 the whole new airport was inaugurated. Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, ZvartnotsInternationalAirport has become a regional hub with capacity to handle over 3 million passengers per year. “Armenia” International Airports” Closed Joint Stock Company has built a new departures and arrivals terminal (sterile area) of over 19,000 sqm, commercial premises, VIP lounges, and remote boarding positions,” the company said.

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