Iran’s rapprochement with the West will make Armenia a transit country, Iranian Armenian journalist says

Hasmik Dilanyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhanni has completely changed Iran’s foreign policy by establishing new ties with the US after a break of 30 years. The country started to seek ways of cooperation on nuclear programs with Europe, and  even did not deny the Holocaust.

Rouhanni put an end to the existence of Ahmadinejad’s Iran and started a new page in the country’s foreign policy. According to Iranian Armenian journalist Rubik Minasyan, Iranians welcome the policy of the new President and see a new stage of reforms, which can become a milestone for the Islamic Republic.

What changes are expected in the region? Rubik Minasyan predicts that if the Armenian authorities are wise enough, Armenia may become a bridge between Iran and Russia and a way to Europe, thus creating new business opportunities.

According to him, Armenia can diversify the Russian presence with Iran’s involvement. Minasyan says it’s even possible to think of a second gas pipeline to weaken the dependence on Russia and finalize the construction of the North-South highway. “The railway will also be favorable for all countries of the region, and will make Armenia a transit country,”

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