Armenia supports Russia’s efforts towards peaceful settlement of the Syria crisis

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has reiterated his support for Russia on the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria.

“As a CSTO-member state closest to Syria geographically, and as a nation having a huge Diaspora in Syria, Armenia feels all risks and challenges to the Caucasian region more sharply,” President Sargsyan said.

He underlined that from the very first days of the Syria crisis Armenia has been standing for the peaceful settlement of conflict on the basis of dialogue.

“In this context we unequivocally welcome the Russian-American agreements on the peaceful settlement of the Syria crisis,” Sargsyan said.

The countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) adopted a statement on the situation in Syria at a summit in Sochi, emphasizing the necessity of peaceful settlement and unacceptability of foreign aggression.

“CSTO member states are united in the opinion that the situation in Syria can be settled exceptionally through peaceful political means,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said, adding that “any outer military action would be a flagrant violation of international law.”

According to him, such scenario would lead to a further destabilization of the situation in Syria, and would inevitable have a negative impact on the situation in the zone of CSTO responsibility.

“We’re grateful to our CSTO partners for their support to Russia’s efforts towards peaceful settlement of the issue and the Russian-American proposals regarding the Syrian chemical weapons,” Vladimir Putin said.

He emphasized the necessity to use all opportunities to end the violence in Syria, launch dialogue between the authorities and the opposition. “This is the consolidated position incorporated in the statement of the CSTO countries,” the Russian president concluded.

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