Ankara terrified that Cairo could recognize the Armenian Genocide, Egyptian journalists say

Karen Ghazayan
Public Radio of Armenia

The Armenian community of Egypt is safe and secure, Egyptian journalists assured their Armenian counterparts at a press conference today. What’s happening in Egypt today is a revolution, not a coup, they said.

Although the relations between Armenia and Egypt are historic and friendly, many Egyptians are unaware of the Armenian Genocide.

“The Genocide issue was first raised after June 30, when tension escalated in the relations between Turkey and Egypt,” journalist Mohammed Mansur said.

According to him, after this many reporters in Egypt believe it’s necessary to reinforce the ties with Armenia and provide more information about the Armenian Genocide.

“Before the government of Egypt will recognize the Armenian Genocide, the public should be informed about this tragedy,” Mansur noted. He informed that many lawyers in Egypt have already applied to the authorities with a request to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Alaa El Din said, in turn, that Turkey is terrified that Egypt could recognize the Armenian Genocide. According to him, “when Erdogan exceeded all limits, Egypt hinted it might recognize the Genocide. The authorities realize that the Genocide should be officially acknowledged in response to Erdogan’s policy,” the Egyptian journalist said.

Hazem el Mallah noted that Armenia and Egypt have enjoyed high-level diplomatic relations since 1991 and added that the Egyptian people are getting to know more about the Armenian Genocide. He stressed that pressures have increased on the government to acknowledge the Genocide.

Touching upon the Karabakh issue, Hazem el Mallah said Egypt will address the issue after domestic stability is restored. He added, however, that the official position of Egypt is that the conflict should be solved exceptionally in a peaceful way on the basis of international law.

The Egyptian journalists stressed that the Karabakh issue is not a religious one, and wrong is the opinion that the Muslim countries have an anti-Armenian position on this. Also, they recalled that Egypt’s first Foreign Minister and Prime Minister were Armenians.

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