Armenian Government approves plan of actions for joining the Customs Union

Hasmik Dilanyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The Armenian Government has approved the plan of priority measures for joining the Customs Union. Seven working groups will discuss and prepare all necessary documents in cooperation with representatives of CU member states. At the same time, Armenia will continue the cooperation with the European Union.

The decision on joining the Customs Union is made, Deputy Minister of Economy Karine Minasyan told reporters after the government session. She added, however, that the recent developments show cooperation with the EU is possible. “This has been announced on the highest level,” she said.

Speaking about the Customs Union, Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan reiterated the opinion that any country joining it loses part of its sovereignty, as it is a supranational body.

“Customs unions are formed to help economies develop more effectively,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Asked about a referendum, Kocharyan said “the corresponding decision should be made by the President and the parliamentary majority.”

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