EPP resolution criticizes Russia for exerting pressure on Eastern Partnership countries

The Political Assembly of the European People’s Party has adopted the resolution, in which it calls on Russia to stop its pressure on the Eastern Partnership countries and stresses the EU’s responsibility to defend its partner countries, Interfax-Ukraine informs.

The resolution dubbed “On Russian pressure exerted on the Eastern Partnership countries” was adopted at the party’s political assembly in Brussels on Thursday.

The resolution says that the EU’s Eastern Partnership project has been under threat since Russia continues to escalate the pressure it exerts on neighboring countries.

The EPP said that specifically Russia launched trade disputes with Ukraine and Moldova and threatened the national interests of Armenia, which has forced Armenia into the Eurasian Customs Union. “Moreover, this activity is accompanied by a massive information campaign by Russia aimed at discrediting the benefits of the EU Association Agreement as well as targeting key proponents of EU integration,” the European People’s Party said.

Therefore, the European Peoples Party urges the Russian Federation to stop using manipulation and blackmail and to apply the principle of sovereign equality, non-intervention in internal affairs and good cooperation between states.

The EPP also condemns the pressure brought to bear by Russia on the Armenian government and regrets the decision of Armenian President to join the Eurasian Customs Union, which undermines the achievements of Armenia towards the EU.

The party also stresses that the membership in the Eurasian Customs Union is incompatible with concluding the Association Agreement, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreements.

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