Radio AYK in Dubai presents Armenian culture and history to the Arab World

Anna Nazaryan

There is an Armenian online radio station  in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Armenian Shake Mangasaryan has dared open an Armenian radio station in a city, where only 5% of the population is Christian, to present Armenia and its culture in the UAE.

Born in Aleppo, Shake Mangasaryan first came to Armenia to study at the Yerevan State University and moved to Dubai and established an Armenia radio station despite all obstacles.

Radio AYK, which has a three-year history, offers programs, which refer to remarkable events in history, to social and healthcare issues. It has programs for children, as well. Besides, the radio station teaches foreign languages – Greek, French and German. One thing Radio AYK lacks is a political course; it pursues only cognitive purposes.

Founder of Radio Ayk and its staff are currently in Armenia.

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