NKR criticizes Baku’s policy of blacklisting visitors to Artsakh

On August 28 the statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic of August 14, 2013, was circulated as a document of the General Assembly and Security Council in the United Nations Organization, Press Service of the NKR Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

In its statement the NKR MFA expresses grave concern over the fraudulent campaign by Azerbaijan the most recent examples of which were the circulation of the letter in the UN calling upon its Member States to warn their citizens against visiting the NKR “without the prior authorization of the government of Azerbaijan” as well as publication of a list of people declared personae non gratae by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan because of their visits to the NKR.

The MFA statement particularly reads that deluded by its language of threats and hostility, Azerbaijan has made a step forward in a wrong direction, and threatens with sanctions against the third countries nationals visiting the NKR. Such a policy of Azerbaijan fits perfectly into the logic of its domestic human rights record that it is striving to impose upon foreign citizens.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the NKR welcomes and encourages the visits of foreign nationals, both officials and tourists, to the NKR. Such visits and people to people contacts in general contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of confidence and co-operation in the region and are essential for the international community to get truthful and objective information about the NKR.

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