The great adventure of Christians of the East or the faith of Armenian mountains

The French L’Oeuvre d’Orient organization organizes three exhibitions in different cities of France dedicated to Christianity, Radio Vatican reports.

The exhibition titled “The great adventure of Christians of the East,” which will continue through October 16, is dedicated to the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. It explains the different traditions and liturgical rites, including the Maronite, Chaldean, Coptic and Melkite ones.

The second exhibition titled “Armenia, the faith of mountains” will be open to public in the city of Carnac up until August 31. It is dedicated to the nation, which was the first to adopt Christianity as state religion in 301. The exhibition will move from Carnac to Tours and Lyon and will continue through September 26.

Another exhibition titled “The secret of Copts” will open Aiguebelle on September 1st.

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