EU Delegation to Armenia launches online civil society dialogue

The EU Delegation to Armenia has launched a web-based civil society dialogue page in an effort to take account of the views of civil society in different policy areas and to help it to conduct more focused consultations, EU Neighborhood Info Center informs.

The main aim of consultative webpage is to give civil society actors the opportunity to exchange their opinions with each other and with the EU Delegation to Armenia about important questions for the future development of EU-Armenia relations.

Discussion topics range from draft political and operational documents, consultations on ad hoc initiatives and establishment of priorities of programmes.  A press release from the EU Delegation to Armenia said the new online tool would give a “productive and useful record of interaction between the European Union and civil society.”

Those wishing to participate in the first consultation session should first register their organization online.  Consultations will be on regular basis. After each session, all contributions to individual consultations will be posted on the website.

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