Boston theaters to screen two Armenian films

During the last week of August, two films, “The Voice of Silence” and “The Priestess,” directed by one of Armenia’s distinguished film directors, Vicken Chaldranian, will be screened in the Boston area, the Armenian Weekly reports.

“The Voice of Silence” brings together Chaldranian and best-actress award-winner Mariam Davtyan in a true story that is startling in its visual presentation and emotionally rides like a rollercoaster. The story revolves around a young woman named Jiji who has survived physical violence and mental challenges with humor, compassion, and a penetrating wit. “The Voice of Silence” has proven to be an audience favorite filled with surprises and unexpected twists and turns. The Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) will screen the film at the Arlington Regent Theatre, located at 7 Medford St., in Arlington on Wed., Aug. 28 at 7 p.m.

“The film is a thought provoking and unique portrayal of extraordinary lives, not only that of the director’s experience, but of the film’s heroin, who provides us a glimpse of one woman’s experience in Armenia. AIWA is proud to screen this important film,” said Eva Medzorian, the AIWA Armenia liaison and one of the organization’s founders. A portion of the proceeds from this screening will benefit the Women’s Support Center in Yerevan.

“The Priestess,” the first Armenian-American co-production, is about one woman who changed the faith of her nation forever. Written by Vigen Chaldranian and Anahit Aghasarian, it draws inspiration from “an anonymous woman” mentioned once in a 4th-century manuscript by the historian Agatangeghos. This anonymous woman becomes the keystone to Armenia’s history as the first nation to accept Christianity.

This epic film was shot in Armenia and stars Rouzan Vit Mesropyan (of “Vodka Lemon”) and the director, Vigen Chaldranian. “The Priestess” is being presented by Hamazkayin-Boston at the Studio Cinema, located at 376 Trapelo Rd., in Belmont on Fri., Aug. 30 at 8:30 p.m. “We are excited to have the opportunity to present this moving film, and honored to have Mr. Vigen Chaldranian present at both screenings to introduce his work and for Q&A following the screening,” said Tatoul Badalian, the curator at Hamazkayin-Boston. 

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