Activists urge to review bus fares

Lusine Vasilyan

Activists of “We’re paying 100 dram” action do not accept the decision to raise the bus fares to 150 drams, label it as anti-social and consider that the City Hall has violated its principle of encouraging public participation in decision-making processes. They say will continue the protest until the municipal authorities review the decision.

“We demand to review the decision, taking into consideration that the public has not participated in the calculations that led to the rise of the transportation fees.” This is the short-term demand of the activists. In the long-term perspective they demand to regulate the field of public transpiration and improve the quality of services.

The young people will go around Yerevan and urge people to pay 100 drams until the authorities revoke the decision.

In addition to these actions, a Free Car initiative has been launched. The tactics is meant to dissuade people from using public transportation and keep the pressure up on the authorities. Many Armenian celebrities have joined the action, offering ordinary Armenians rides in their cars.

Tens of drivers have already registered at website, offering people a ride in their private cars.

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