The Sun changes its name to The Son to mark the birth of the royal baby

The Sun newspaper, popular British tabloid, hit the hearts of people and the Internet with its new headline marking the birth of Prince William and Kate’s son with a special edition named the Son.

The news that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to the future king has been celebrated on the front page of every paper in Britain.

The Telegraph today happily declares “It’s a boy!” on the front page. The Telegraph’s leading editorial argues that the birth of a prince is reason for unabashed celebration: “When any baby is born we may want to ring bells in celebration. For a prince, we can, and the big guns too will fire 41 times in salute. This is something we are not shy to make a noise about.”

The Guardian splashed with the fairly sober headline “A birth, a boy, a prince, a king”. The paper devoted four pages to the royal baby, focusing on how relieved the world’s media was to finally have some tangible news to report on after days of waiting and hoping.

The Independent, which tries – when possible – not to report on the Royal Family, acknowledged the arrival of the new baby with the headline: “Special delivery Duchess gives birth to a prince – and a media feeding frenzy begins.”

The Daily Mail devotes 20 pages to stories on the birth in its souvenir special edition. Besides, it is the only paper to feature Prince Charles on its cover.

The Times’ cover has tenderly smiling Duchess who looks at the Duke, with the short message at the bottom: “Welcome to the world.” And on the back cover there is a quote from Prince William: “we could not be happier”.

The Daily Express marked the birth with a special souvenir edition including an eight-page “royal baby pullout”. Inside the paper itself, nine pages detailed the happy occasion, with stories predicting that the new arrival would give the economy a boost and that the Duke and Duchess would be “hands-on” parents, shunning a private nanny and relying on the help and support of family members instead.

The Daily Mirror also offered its readers a special souvenier edition, with 10 pages of coverage of “Our little prince”.

The Daily Star with the headline “It’s a boy” on the cover carries a detailed story of the character of the royal baby. The paper predicted the new prince would be “sensitive” and “caring like Di” because of his star sign, Cancer.

Source: The Telegraph 

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