Grigoriu’s statements in Yerevan do not reflect the position of Moldova

“Moldovan Parliamentary Advocate (Ombudsman) Aurelia Grigoriu’s scandalous statements in the Armenian National Assembly do not reflect the position of our country,” Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the Moldovan Parliament Vadim Mishin said at today’s sitting, publika.md reports.

“The speech of the Ombudsman was politicized, which is unacceptable,” he said. “Grigoriu’s statement does not reflect the position of the Parliament and the Republic of Moldova, in general. It was her personal opinion. We have the issue of Transnistria, and we understand the delicateness and complexity of the situation. We realize how wrong Grigoriu did by giving legal assessments to the Armenian and Azerbaijani parties instead of speaking about human rights in Moldova,” Mishin said.

According to him, Grigoriu demonstrated her absolute political short-sightedness and incompetence by giving assessment to a frozen conflict.

“A parliamentary advocate is authorized to address human rights issues in his/her country. No one bans him/her from expressing an opinion. But it must be maximally professional and completely depoliticized. This cannot be said about Grigoriu’s speech in Yerevan,” Vadim Mishin concluded.

Speaking at the Armenian National Assembly last week, Moldovan Parliamentary Ombudsman Aurelia Grigoriu called Armenia an “aggressor state.”

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