Hayrikyan predicts war

Alisa Gevorgyan

“Ukraine, Russia and Israel have armed Azerbaijan to such an extent that the temptation to resume war is too great,” leader of the National Self-Determination Union Paruyr Hayrikyan told reporters today. He considers that resumption of war is a matter of months, and this, he says, is a result of cruel mistakes of the Armenian diplomacy.

According to Hayrikyan, from the first days of independence in early 1990s Armenia had to declare to the world that Armenia had internationally recognized territories, which it lost as a result of Bolshevik occupation.

“80% of the territories are under Turkish and Azerbaijani control with the support of Bolshevik Russia,” he said.

However, Armenia never claimed about its internationally recognized borders. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan was busy creating its image of a victim and the majority of the countries of the world conceive Azerbaijan as an unjustly aggrieved party.

“Azerbaijan has prepared the world to the perspective of “restoring justice” with force, and is now waiting for a proper occasion,” Hayrikyan said.

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