No radical changes expected in Iran despite reformist Rohani’s victory

Artak Barseghyan

Hassan Rohani’s victory in the presidential elections in Iran was close to western democratic standards, Armenian MP of the Iranian Parliament Karen Khanlaryan told a press conference in Yerevan.

Reformist Rohani’s victory will not lead to radical changes in the country, Khanlaryan said. According to him, the President-elect is a reasonable politician, and one can expect tangible tactical changes in the domestic and foreign policies of the country.

The MP said the Armenian community actively participated in the pre-election developments.

During the campaign, the Armenian community addressed the candidates with a number of demands, namely to recognize the Armenian Genocide and involve Armenians in the work of executive bodies.

“Now, after elections, we will try to establish contacts with Hassan Rouhani,” Khanlaryan noted.

He recalled that on the eve of April 24 Deputy Speaker of the Iranian parliament condemned the Armenian Genocide, earlier President Ahmadinejad had denounced the tragedy, while former president Khatami had visited Tsitsernakaberd.

The Armenian community of Iran is estimated at 60,000-70,000. Many are leaving Iran because of socio-economic conditions, Khanlaryan said. Iranian Armenians mostly migrate to the United States and Canada, he added.

“Armenians of Iran have no political problems,” he said. Two Armenians are represented in the Iranian Parliament.

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