Russia aware it’s necessary to maintain the balance in the region

Alisa Gevorgyan

“Russia is actually doing the same it has been doing over decades. We see nothing new,” political scientist Sergey Minasyan said, commenting on the recent supply of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan.

Nevertheless, according to the political scientist, Russia understands that it’s necessary to maintain the balance, otherwise the there could be unwanted events in the region, in which Russia will at least have to take serious political decisions.

Despite the $1 billion deal, Russia is not hurrying to deliver the weapons, the process will take 1-2 years, Sergey Minasyan told reporters. He’s confident this is another attempt by Russia to maintain parity in the region.

CSTO membership is another lever for Armenia from the point of view of security. According to Minasyan, in case of possible aggression, the military actions will not be restricted to Artsakh. Following the military logic, they will involve the state border of the Republic of Armenia, which means certain actions should be taken within the framework of the CSTO commitments.

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