Armenian Genocide opened the list of crimes against humanity, Ukrainian political scientist says

All mankind and every country is obliged to remember about the genocide of Armenians and the tragedies that followed, Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Belitsky said in comments to Analitika.at.ua.

“The genocide of Armenians opened the list of mass crimes against humanity committed in the 20th century and served as an example. All humanity and every country should remember about the genocide and the mass tragedies that followed it in order to prevent their reoccurrence in the future,” Belitsky said..

According to the political scientist, by passing a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide, Ukraine would express respect for the memory of the victims and would make its contribution to restoring of historic justice.

The bill on the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1922 perpetrated at the hands of the Ottoman Empire was introduced in the Ukrainian Supreme Rada. The document has been authored by member of the Batkivshchyna Party Arsen Avakov, members of the Party of Regions Vilen Shatvoryan and Never Mkhitaryan.

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