David Jamalyan: There are no ideal allies

Karen Ghazaryan

Analyzing the supply of Russian weaponry to Azerbaijan in the context of the Armenian-Russian relations, military expert David Jamalyan said “there are no ideal allies.”

According to him, the Armenian-Russian alliance is an alliance based on equality, i.e. we are as important to Russia as Russia is important to us. Therefore, taking this principle into consideration, we must not feel embarrassed to pose any question to our strategic partner.

David Jamalyan noted that Baku is buying weapons, which would help break our defense on the Artsakh front. This is the logic Azerbaijan is following, he said.

The expert is confident, however, that the recent purchase of arms will not help Azerbaijan  reach its objective.

“This is, of course, a step forward toward that objective, but that’s not enough. Baku will be unable to break our defense in several directions,” the expert said, adding that Armenia possesses weapons to restrain the rival’s aggression and neutralize the enemy’s important infrastructures. Nevertheless, according to the expert, we deal with a new stage of arms race. Therefore, Armenia will take steps not to hang behind.

At the same time, Jamalyan quoted Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan as saying that “Armenia will not blindly follow the Azeri lead to engage in that arms race.”

Political scientist Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan does not agree that we should follow Azerbaijan’s example.

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