70th ordinary session of the EBU’s General Assembly kicks off in Malta

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The 70th ordinary session of the EBU’s General Assembly kicked off in Malta today. Armenia is represented at the session by the delegation of the Council of Public Television and Radio Company headed by its President Ruben Jaghinyan.

The EBU General Assembly is a public service media event, with a unique combination of debate and discussion of the key issues we all face, as well as an unmatched opportunity for networking at the very highest levels.

This year, it will consist of four special sessions addressing critical industry issues, in addition to the regular committee and financial reports that bind the union together. The special sessions address:

  • Vision2020 – the future strategy for Public Service Media
  • PSM Values – a continuation of the debate launched in Strasbourg last summer
  • The Economic Crisis – how PSM organizations can survive and flourish in these times of austerity
  • Sports Rights – what is their role in the PSM model?
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