Why is Russia supplying weapons to the enemy of its strategic partner?

Karen Ghazaryan

Our strategic partner is taking actions against us by supplying arms to our rival, which we are actually in war with, and this is condemnable Armenia’s ex-Ambassador to Canada, Director of the Modus Vivendi Centre Ara Papyan. According to him, Armenia should clearly declare about its position and state that the phenomenon is unacceptable.

Touching upon the issue, President of the Christian Democratic Union Khosrov Harutyunyan said this will not bring about any changes in the region. However, according to him, these are steps targeted at strengthening the role of Russia in the region. At the same time, it’s strange to Khosrov Harutyunyan that our strategic partner supplies weapons to our enemy.

Ara Papyan does not share the opinion that Russia is punishing Armenia for not joining the Eurasian Union. It would be a tactical error, he said.

According to Ara Papyan, the problem here is not about the possible change of balance in the region. The issue has political and even moral aspects, besides the strategic one, he added.

“Armenia should condemn the deal and submit an official protest,” Papyan said, adding that the bitter historic experience should be taken into consideration.

Ara Papyan does not think this will increase the threat of resumption of war, because there is a clear-cut political position, at least in the West, that war will not benefit anyone, and only the interests of the British petroleum are enough to prevent military actions.

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