EBRD Vice President: UWC Dilijan will be a world class school

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Manfred Schepers said that Dilijan International School (DIS) “will be a world class school”.

In May 2013 Manfred Schepers joined the DIS Board.

“Through my role as Vice President at the EBRD and my role as a Member of the UWC International Board and Council, I have been very supportive of the initiative to establish a leading international school in Dilijan, to be called UWC Dilijan. The location of the new UWC Dilijan in Armenia and the Caucasus will have a profound long term impact on the region”, he said.

Manfred Schepers noted that being part of the UWC global education organisation, will enable DIS to attract a highly diverse group of teaching staff and students from around the world. “UWC students from the 12 colleges are entering the top universities around the world and the same will apply to the students graduating from UWC Dilijan”, he noted.

“UWC Diijan will be a world class school, in a first class campus, in a beautiful and safe location, in a country that has a rich cultural heritage and in a region where students will study and empower themselves to tackle the challenges of the future generation. Students at UWC Dilijan will gain international and inter-cultural understanding by studying with a truly diverse group of students from around the world”, Manfred Schepers said.

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