Czech PM Petr Necas to resign over aide scandal

Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas is due to resign in the coming hours, in an effort to end political turmoil over a corruption inquiry , the BBC reports.

His ruling coalition will try to form a new government led by someone nominated by his Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

Mr Necas announced he would quit after prosecutors charged his chief of staff with corruption and abuse of power.

Two former MPs, an ex-minister and the current and former heads of military intelligence were also detained.

All except one have been remanded in custody.

President Milos Zeman has said the charges, brought after armed police raids on government and private offices on Wednesday, were “serious”.

Up to 150m koruna ($8m) in cash, tens of kilograms of gold and large quantities of documents were seized during the raids, according to BBC.

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