20 Armenian gallows to be commemorated at Istanbul’s Sultan Beyazit Square

Anna Nazaryan

Discussion dedicated to the 20 Hunchakian activists hung in Istanbul’s Sultan Beyazit Square on June 15, 1915 was held at Istanbul’s Cezayir Hall.

Tomorrow the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party will organize an event at Sultan Beyazit Square in memory of the 20 Armenian gallows.

This is the first event of its kind in Turkey. Hunchakians, who were once banned from entering Turkey, will now present to the Turkish society the truth about the events of 98 years ago.

During a meeting with reporters today writer and publisher Grigor Janikyan found it hard to say why Armenians have been allowed to hold events in Turkey, which remind about the Armenian Genocide. It’s not clear to him whether this is a spontaneous decision or is part of state diplomacy.

Writer and publisher Hrant Airyan said organization of such events ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is important from the point of view of informing the Turkish public.

The event has nothing to do with the protests in Taksim Square, as it had been planned long before the unrest started in Turkey.

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