Music and poetry event held at Sourp Giragos Church in Diyarbakir

An evening of music and poetry was held at Sourp Giragos Church in Diyarbakir/Dikranagerd on June 11, 2013, the Armenian Weekly reports.

The event, attended by more than a thousand people, featured Kurdish musicians Tara Jaff and Pervin Çakar who performed Kurdish and Armenian songs, and poet Azad Ziya Eren.

In conversation with the Armenian Weekly correspondent, Harpist and singer Tara Jaff, who is from Iraqi Kurdistan, said she first learned about the genocide of the Armenian and other minorities as a child, from his father. She deepened her knowledge of the Armenian genocide after escaping from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and settling in England, she added.

Jaff noted that the purpose of holding the concert at Sourp Giragos is to keep the Armenian issue in the forefront in Turkey. She said that returning churches and an apology is not enough, and that realistic and meaningful efforts should be undertaken to secure the return of the Armenians to these lands. In that, she argued, the Kurds have a huge role to play.

In turn, Pervin Çakar, who performed Armenian folk songs, noted how proud and honored she feels to be performing in the renovated SourpGiragosChurch.

Poet Azad Ziya Eren said, “Tonight, we sang lamentation both for Der Zor and Dersim.” He noted that Sourp Giragos was, therefore, an appropriate venue for the event, and the huge crown taht attended the event is a testament to that.

Eren told the Armenian Weekly that both his parents are half-Kurdish, half-Armenian.

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