Greek Parliament considers bill criminalizing the denial of the crime of genocide

Greek Prime Minister’s  New Democracy Party has introduced a bill in the Parliament, which envisages criminal punishment for demonstration of xenophobia and the denial of Genocide and Holocaust, RIA Novosti reports.

The bill suggests applying criminal punishment for the support for or underestimation of the crimes of genocide recognized by the Parliament of Greece, the Holocaust and the Nazi crimes condemned by the international or Greek court.  The bill suggests a punishment of up to three years of imprisonment and a fine of €5-20 thousand.

The same measures will be applied to those who incite violence and hatred on the racist, religious or ethnic basis, as well as those who participate in xenophobic or racist organizations. Legal entities will be fined €10-100 thousand and will be deprived of any public support from one to six months.

The bill has been signed by almost all members of the Party and the Government.

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