President’s Spokesman condemns the hindering of journalists’ work

The Armenian President’s Spokesman Arman Saghatelyan condemns the recent hindering of the work of journalists. Below is an excerpt from news.am’s interview with him.

As the relatives of a soldier, who was killed in a military unit, were attempting to transfer his body to Yerevan as a sign of protest, on May 18 on the Sevan-Yerevan highway, the work of the journalists was hampered.

“I definitely assess it negatively; I condemn it. Upon the instruction of the President, I contacted with the heads of several television companies and other media on the same day, and expressed our assistance and support. The proper study of what happened is at the focus of our attention,” the Spokesman said in comments to news.am.

“We are confident that the competent authorities will find out all the circumstances of what happened. It is time for the officials to review their conduct once and for all and to understand the imperative of a practice that is in line with the level of our country’s democratic development,” he said.

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