Gallup International: 47% expect positive changes after Serzh Sargsyan’s reelection

Anna Nazaryan

The Armenian Office of the Gallup International conducted a public opinion poll all over the republic April 12-20 to reveal the expectations after Serzh Sargsyan’s reelection.

Head of the Armenian Office of the Gallup International Aram Navasardyan said the results of the survey overlap with the election results.

Asked who they voted for, 56.9% of the respondents said they cast their ballot for Serzh Sargsyan, 40.4% said they voted for Raffi Hovhannisyan.

The poll also tried to reveal the position of the public on post-election developments. 27% said Raffi Hovhannisyan’s behavior after the elections and on the inauguration day was an attempt to restore justice, 28% said it was senseless pretense, 14% believe it was a true struggle for victory, 8% said it was an attempt to bring the movement to a conclusion, 7% assessed it as an aspiration to share power, 3% consider there was an agreement with the authorities, 2% said it was a process financed by outer forces. Finally, 16% found it hard to give an assessment.

Forty-seven percent of the respondents expect positive changes from President Serzh Sargsyan’s reelection, 22% foresee negative changes.

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