NKR President: May 9 written in golden letters in the history of our nation

On 9 May Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address in connection with the Victory Holiday, the Day of the NKR Defense Army and the Liberation of Shoushi.

“Dear compatriots,

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic and Artsakh Liberation Wars,
Respected generals, officers and soldiers of the Defense Army,

On behalf of the Artsakh Republic authorities and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate You on the Victory Holiday, the Day of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Defense Army and the Liberation of Shoushi.

May 9 is written in golden letters in the history of our nation, written with the blood of our brave grandfathers and fathers, sisters and brothers, with the blood of those who considered the freedom and independence of their motherland above everything else and perished for the sake of implementation of nationwide ideas. The memory of motherland devotees will always remain bright in our hearts and deeds.

During World War II the Armenian nation, passing through a great deal of hardship, fought together with other peoples against the greatest evil of the century – fascism, and celebrated together the Great Victory.

Multiplying their glory and feat, our generation made miracles of heroism and courage on the battlefield and defended their native Artsakh. We created a regular and efficient army, liberated the ancient Armenian fortress-town Shoushi, and today we continue to make prosperous our ancestral land and our home country, deepening and strengthening the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity hand in hand with all the Armenians.

I am confident that with joint efforts and united we will more have many new achievements and accomplishments and will record further success in different spheres of life.

Dear compatriots,
I once again congratulate all of us with this glorious Triple Day and wish peace, good health and all the best. May victories accompany our people forever.”

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