Mush is important to Armenians, because…

A 40-member group studying the traces of the Armenian population of Mush before the Armenian Genocide of 1915 found grandchildren of those, who migrated to Eastern Armenia from Mush and shot the film “At the Start of the Road,” reports quoting Turkish website.

The director of the film is Somnur Vardar, the producer is Zeynep Güzel. The shooting of the film started in 2011 by Anadolu Kültür and three other organizations.

Twenty students from Armenian and Turkish Universities, 10 students and 10 coordinators of the program stayed in Mush for two weeks and then headed for Gyumri to meet descendants of those who once lived in Mush.

“What’s the most important is dialogue. Only this way it is possible to break the stereotypes of ‘bloodthirsty Turks’ and ‘dirty Armenians’,” coordinator of Anadolu Kültür Ragyp Zikir said.

Zikir said that although there are no Christian Armenians living in Mush today, there are a number of Islamized Armenians. He noted also that “Mush is important to Armenia, as the creator of the Armenian alphabet, as well as the Armenian King who adopted Christianity were from Mush. It turns out that half of the population of the city was Armenian before 1915.”

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