Encyclopedia of Iranian Armenians presented at 26th Tehran International Book Fair

The 26th Tehran International Book Fair held a session during which the Encyclopedia of Iranian Armenians was unveiled.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by University professor Hojatoleslam Bahman Akbari, the book’s writer ‎Janet. D. Lazarian as well as a group of Armenians and researchers, the news headquarters of the 26th Tehran International Book Fair reported.

Talking about the book’s author, Hojatoleslam Bahman Akbari said: “Janet. D. Lazarian is an Iranian Armenian scholar who cooperated in compiling different works. The Encyclopedia of Iranian Armenians was unveiled in Armenia before and Iran is now holding the ceremony as a positive step towards cementing the ties of Iranians, Iranian Armenians and Armenians themselves.”

Janet. D. Lazarian also said that several years have passed since the book’s publication but the work was converted into Persian this year. Unfortunately no other books have been published on Iranian Armenians and their services to Iran since 1600 so far.

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, no information exists about Iranian Armenians, she said and added: “Unfortunately only noted scholars and dignitaries are known in Armenia and the Armenians have no further information on other Iranian Armenians scholars and hopefully the translation will be a beginning for linking both the nations.”

Lazarian also thanked Hojatoleslam Bahman Akbari for the efforts he made for the book’s publication. She finally said that Iran’s cultural attaché office in Armenia hadn’t prepared enough books for Iranians and the book was released in 400 copies in Armenia. Hopefully the book will soon be reprinted for all.

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