Armenian youth learns more about UN global agenda at the Model UN Conference

During a Model UN conference held today at the UN Armenia Office, over 30 students improved their knowledge of the UN values, importance of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, as well as their negotiation and communication skills. The conference was a simulation of the UN Security Council session dedicated to the issue of Nuclear Test conducted by the North Korea.

Students played roles of diplomats, represented positions of their respective countries’ – the UN Security Council current Member States, discussed and agreed on the Security Council’s Resolution. Prior to the Model UN Conference, training sessions were held to further educate the participants on the UN global agenda, the functions and structure of the UN Security Council as well as its Rules of Procedures.

The UNDPI staff, former UNDPI volunteers with extensive MUN experience, as well as a trainer from the Armenian UN Association guided the participants through the preparation period, while two distinguished diplomats delivered lectures on the issue being simulated.

Maria Dotsenko, Representative of the UNDPI Office in Armenia said: “Youth learned more about the leading role of the UN and its Security Council on the issue of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Students understood what a huge responsibility is to prepare their respective country’s position, properly voice it, negotiate, and find a common ground with other states, while taking into account possible consequences not just for their country and the region, but for the whole planet. Ability to negotiate, compromise, build consensus and tolerate other points of view, is useful for their future careers and will help youth to be more active members of the society.”

Ambassador Vahram Kazhoyan, Head of the Department of International Organizations within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lusine Fldjyan, Deputy Rector of the Yerevan State Linguistic University named after Bryusov highlighted that Model UN Conference is a useful tool which helps youth to better understand the challenges of global UN agenda and role of UN in promotion of peace and security. They were impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of the students and efforts invested into research and presentations.

During the whole day the students actively discussed the agenda issue and as a result drafted a resolution which was successfully adopted at the end of the day. This spoke about the fruitful work and consensus atmosphere within the simulated body. After the closure of the session all participants received certificates of appreciation and awards.

The event was jointly organized by the UN Department of Public Information and the YerevanStateLinguisticUniversity named after Valery Bryusov.

Model UN Conferences simulate the UN bodies during which participants represent different UN Member States and discuss issues of global importance. The models enjoy great popularity among youth in many UN Member States as well as in Armenia. Participants do research on proposed mock study cases, present their respective country statements, learn to find consensus, discuss their positions and negotiate a joint resolution.

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