Turkish MFA deems French Education Minister’s Genocide remarks ‘unacceptable’

“The speech delivered by the French Minister of National Education Vincent Peillon concerning the events of 1915 in a rally organized in Paris on 24 April 2013 is unacceptable in every aspect, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The Ministry said it strongly condemns the statements of the French Minister of National Education, noting that it is particularly unfortunate that such statements which unfairly slander our history and breed hatred belong to a member of the government who is in charge of education.

”Politicizing history and the notion of justice in such a way runs counter to the universal values that France itself has played a part in developing and to its own practice of democracy. The French Government’s attempt to pass judgment on a nation’s past, disregarding the principles of fairness, common sense, impartiality and freedom of expression, can be qualified as a summary execution at the very least. The persistent attitude in France consisting of preventing the expression of other opinions on this matter is highly regrettable,” the statement reads.

”Our primary expectation is that common sense and political wisdom prevail, bringing to an end the current approach which deals a blow to the long-standing Turkish-French relations and friendship.”

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