There are no safe nuclear power plants. expert says

Anna Nazaryan

On the 27th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy, experts in Armenia discussed the risks of exploitation of the nuclear power plant. “There are no completely safe nuclear power plants,” nuclear energy expert Emil Sahakyan told reporters today.

Speaking about the threats in Armenia, the expert pointed to the issues of seismic security and the density of population in the ANPP area.

Director of the Scientific-Research Institute of Nuclear Power Plants Exploitation Vahram Petrosyan said Armenia and Chernobyl are completely different from the point of view of security. He added that the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is one of the safest in the world, and it had been constructed in a correct place form the seismologic point of view.

Vahram Petrosyan said a stress test was launched at Metsamor Plant after the Fukushima disaster, and will run until late May. Research shows that the term of ANPP activity can be extended for another 5, 10 or 15 years, he said.

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